Decentralization can change the financial world forever!

The last financial crises, Financial crises of 2007–2008, was one of the biggest financial turmoil in the modern world. It brought high levels of unemployment all around the world, which were connected to introduction of new rules and regulations mainly into the financial institutions, especially banking. Therefore it is not a coincidence that the rise of the cryptocurrencies had come as a reaction after the crisis, since the whole banking and insurance sectors were responsible for it in the first place.

Decentralization as a direct response to the crises

The cryptocurrencies are believed to be the direct response to the Financial Crises of 2007–2008, but that does not mean that they will solve all the problems. The future of the sector is still very bright though and with proper strategy and evolution can lead to biggest chance in the financial world in the modern history.

The biggest innovation that is connected to cryptocurrencies is without any doubt the blockchain technology and the idea of decentralization, which is the complete opposite of the sector as it is now. The centralization, third-parties and financial intermediaries are the key concepts of the financial world now, being the only way how the transactions, payments or financial services can work. This leads to heavily centralized sectors within financial world that are usually in monopolistic or duopolistic competitions, leading to huge profits for the companies.

However, customers and users are the ones being “punished” for greedy and selfish behavior of the financial institutions, which was one of the reasons that led to Financial crises of 2007–2008. That is one of the reasons, why decentralization came into the place. To give a chance to the get the financial freedom and power back to the hands of customers, users, individuals or households.

Moreover, the concept of decentralization serves as means to ending the monopolistic power of third-party companies. Decentralization helps with approval of the transactions such that the third party is not needed, but also so that the Double spending problem is resolved. Its unique technique that has never been seen before and that is one of the reasons why cryptocurrencies can truly revolutionize the financial world.

Fun Gram is helping via Fun Game

Now, the development and evolution of the whole decentralized (cryptocurrency) sector is mainly up to the projects and businesses that are actively trying to build infrastructure for mass adoption. The systems, platforms, regulations, projects and real-world applications all need to work properly, so that the financial revolution can begin. Therefore, everyone needs to actively engage in the evolution of the sector, to help it reach its potential.

And that is exactly what Fun Gram is doing. By building a financial decentralized platform for social interaction, Fun Gram aims to help the sector in its development. Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence are cornerstones of the project, which mainly aims for serving people that are new to the sector or that aim to earn huge returns.

That is one of the reasons why Fun Gram introduced a Fun Game, which is an interactive, easy to use investment platform for anyone that wants to invest into cryptocurrency world without any previous knowledge. The unique stop loss mechanism of Fun Gam can make anyone realize their profits easily and therefore help increase the value of the portfolio.

Via these products and services, Fun Gram is actively trying to help decentralization spread around the globe and change the financial world that we live in. However, the best is yet to come for this project so stay tuned and follow its website and social medias, as it offers viable information for everyone for free.