Top DeFi podcasts by Fun Gram

DeFi has taken this year by storm. Numerous projects have increased their value significantly, with vast number of new projects entering this sector. However, DeFi is still very complicated sector and serves mainly for speculations of experienced traders with huge amount of technical and trading knowledge or excessive capital. If decentralized finance should progress, it is inevitable to bring in new people to the sector. One of the best ways how to do it is, without any doubt, via education and increasing social responsibility of the newcomers.

Best DeFi podcasts

Podcasts have been recent phenomenon. More and more young people have been following many different podcasts on numerous topics. That is one of the reasons, why podcasts have become one of the most popular educational medium. This is also true for the sector of decentralized finance, where DeFi podcasts can help people not only educate, but also socialize and follow many different important people from DeFi. Here is a list of the best podcasts that anyone, who is a fan of this sector should follow.

Really good start is a podcast “Into the Ether.” As one can assume, it mainly focuses on Ethereum, which is essential substance of DeFi, as most of the projects are built on this platform. That is why everyone should use this podcast to first build its knowledge about Ethereum and then can follow up to with DeFi.

Epicenter is, without any doubt, one of the most progressive podcasts connected to cryptocurrency and DeFi in the world. Its hosts have been talking about DeFi far sooner it was actually called DeFi, showing how much potential and knowledge this podcast can bring to anyone.

Another great source of information is Unchained hosted by cryptocurrency and blockchain journalist with experience from Forbes, Laura Shin. Ever since its beginning in 2016, Unchained has established its name as one of the top podcasts in the cryptocurrency sector. In that period, many different experts have come as guests and have been talking about everything from finance to blockchain technology.

Fungram helps newcomers

There are many different ways of how one can get new information and knowledge about anything that is DeFi related. Podcasts are definitely not the only way how to do it, but are for sure getting more and more popular. However, they are not the only way of how you can access information.

Fungram represents one of the ways of how you can not only get educated and have access to the most important news of cryptoworld and DeFi, but also how you can interact and socialize with other people in the sector.